By virtue of our mission, we are committed to providing quality and exceptional care to our patients. 
We ask that you help us by becoming an active participant in the care you or your family member receives. This will include asking questions, taking notes, and being aware of the many activities going on around you
What to expect during your stay
Patients and Visitors
-Open flames of any kind, such as matches, lighters and candles are prohibited

- Cell phones are permitted in most areas, but users should observe basic rules of courtesy when making and receiving calls. 

- Cameras and cell phone cameras may not be used unless permission is obtained from the patient or designee and Administration. 

- No firearms, knives or weapons are permitted in the hospital buildings, surrounding facilities or in adjacent property areas. 

- You are responsible for your personal belongings, such as jewelry, money, hearing aids, dentures, glasses, etc. Such items can be easily misplaced, lost or accidentally discarded; therefore, we recommend you leave all non-essential items with your family or at home. 

Important Checklist
Memorial Hospital recognizes the intrinsic dignity of the person and respects the rights of the patients set forth. Specific organizational policies and procedures describe the mechanism by which these rights are protected and exercised. 
To read and review a complete list of Patient Rights and Responsibilities follow the link below. 
Rights and Responsibilities
Patient Rights and Responsibilities
We strive to provide the highest level of service to our patients and families. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with promptness, courtesy and compassion. 
Following discharge, you may receive a phone, letter, or email survey. Your comments and ratings are very important, so please take a moment to let us know your feedback which will help us know if we need to improve, and to also reward and recognize those staff members who made a difference while you were here.  

Patient Satisfaction
Memorial Hospital volunteers promote the health and welfare of the community by rendering services to Memorial Hospital and its patients. For more information about becoming a volunteer, follow the link below or please call (918) 696-3101.

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